While ya’ll are enjoying book 2 of the Cole Mouzon series, I’m busy working on my next project, Good People, schedule to be released in late August.  Research has been interesting for sure.  Loving the retro lifestyle of the 1950’s and can’t wait to finish the first draft while travelling this month.


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Interested in learning more?  Here’s the back description:


Halloween night 1958, a man is bludgeoned to death with a church alter candlestick by a young Air Force airman. On its base: Jesus, Joseph, and Mary. The normally hushed city of Charleston, South Carolina reacts with shock and horror, but grows conflicted as to the young man’s plea of self-defense. On the courthouse steps, his young catholic lawyer claims his client was preserving his innocence. As the trial commences, it quickly becomes an indictment of the victim – not the murderer.

Based on true events, GOOD PEOPLE tells the untold story of a murder trial and its lasting impact on the city and its people. Lurking in the shadows of the brewing racial tensions about to engulf the Nation, the novel follows a young man as he attempts to find quiet acceptance within himself and his new-found home. When he is called upon to testify against the airman, he and the city find themselves having to choose between their own interests and justice.